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The internet transformed

Blockchain technology is disrupting everyday business by enabling new kinds of disintermediated digital platforms. It’s ¬†also providing effective gains on top of existing structures by removing the need for active intermediated data-synchronization and concurrency control. Due to this dual effect, blockchain technology has the potential to impact all sectors and layers of society, in a multitude of combined ways. Yotta Lab’s is excited about the capabilities and the potential of blockchain technology and the future of the technology.

Data encryption and security

Security is quickly becoming a mandatory feature of data storage systems at Yotta Lab’s we ensure cryptography is used because the underlying storage provider is not trusted to prevent unauthorized access to the data. Verification via secure permissioned blockchain’s increases the security of data.

Algorithms and key size are critical aspects of cryptographic information protection and we will work with our customers to ensure the highest level of encryption is provided to their requirements.